Kimono Rental REN
Why don't you wear Kimono in japan? The experience of wearing Kimono will make you happy and emotional!

It takes 5 minutes to walk from Asakusa station to our store. It is located right in front of the Asakusa Public Hall, so it's easy to find our store. The famous sightseeing spot "Kaminarimon gate" and "Sensoji temple" are close to our shop. You can enjoy to walk around in Asakusa city after wearing Kimono until the return time.

We have more than 300 Kimono and Yukata, you will find the Kimono you liked! Our staff will dress Kimono on you beautifully. No need to know how to wear Kimono. Please bring only yourself!
  • 1.Reception (5min.)
  • In the case of reservation, please come to our shop on time.If you're late, you lose reservation discount.
    Please fill out our questionaire and confirm the notes of Kimono rental. For crime preventionmesures, we will take a picture of your ID.
  • 2.Choosing Kimono and sash (5min.)
  • Please choose your favorite Kimono among many kimonos.
    On the webpage, you can look our Kimono in advance, too. If you decide 1 Kimono, we can put the Kimono aside for you.(additional cost of 300yen)
    Kimono web catalogue
  • 3.Dressing Kimono (10min.)
  • We will dress the Kimono to you, so don't worry about how to wear Kimono. You can take a pictures and videos while you dress Kimono.
  • 4.Setting hair style (15min.)
  • Please choose the hair style from 6 designs and 1 accessory.
    We don't use hair iron for safety. And, we don't provide make-up service.
  • 5.Payment (5min.)
  • Please make a payment before departure. You can use not only cash but also credit card and other cashless payment.
  • 6.Going around Asakusa
  • Please feel free to enjoy yourself until the return time(5:00pm). In Asakusa, there are many historical places and good places to take photos!
  • 7.Returning Kimono
  • Please come back to our shop by return time(5:00 pm). If you late on time, you have to charge the late fee (2,000 yen~)
  • 8.Posting on your social media
  • Please post your best Kimono photo with tagging us! We would be happy if you review us on Google Map, too.
Ladies' plan
  • Ladies’ Standard Plan
    (Without hair set)
  • 3,500yen →reservation discount 2,500yen
  • ※This plan does not include hair set. Please set your hair style before coming our shop.
    【From Jul.20 to Aug.18】¥5,000 →¥3,500
  • Kimono catalogue >
  • Yukata catalogue >
  • Standard plan + hair set
  • 4,500yen →reservation discount 3,500yen
  • We will set your hairstyle to suit your kimono. You can use as many hair accessories as you want to make it look more gorgeous, for an additional charge.
    【From Jul.20 to Aug.18】¥6,000 →¥4,500
  • Kimono catalogue >
  • Yukata catalogue >
  • Premium plan + hair set
  • 7,000yen →reservation discount 6,000yen
  • We have not only polyester Kimonos but also traditional authentic silk Kimonos or cotton Yukata.
    Would you like to experience Japanese tradition?
    【From Jul.20 to Aug.18】¥8,500 →¥7,000
  • Kimono catalogue >
  • Yukata catalogue >
Men's standard plan
  • Men's standard plan
    (Without hair set)
  • 4,500yen →reservation discount 3,500yen
  • ※We don't provide hair set for men.Please set your hair before coming to the shop.
    【From Jul.20 to Aug.18】¥6,000 →¥4,500
  • Kimono catalogue >
  • Yukata catalogue >
Couple plan
  • Couple plan
    (hair set for women only)
  • 8,500yen →reservation discount 6,500yen
  • *This plan is combination of ladies' standard Kimono rental with hair set and Men's Kimono rental.If you choose Premium Kimono, you have to pay the difference.
    *You two can change the clothes in the same room. If you want to do separately, you cannot use this couple's plan.
    【From Jul.20 to Aug.18】¥11,500 →¥8,500
  • Kimono catalogue >
  • Yukata catalogue >
Additional fee
  • Adding hair accessories 500yen
  • You can add flowers, peals and other hair accessories as many as you want, to make it look more gorgeous.
  • Fur tippet 500yen
  • In cold winter, we reccommend the fur tippet. It is fluffy and adorable.
  • Hakama 1,500yen
  • Hakama is a divided or pleated skirt worn over a Kimono. We provide Hakama for going around in town, not for ceremony.
    【in February&March】Hakama 3,000yen
    Hakama catalogue >
  • Chufurisode(middle length sleeves) 1,000yen
  • Chufurisode has middle length sleeves, it looks more gorgeous than usual Kimono.
  • Basket bag 500yen
  • There is many colorful basket bag,too.(Japanese drawstring bag is free)
  • Lace collar 800yen
  • You can layer the lace collar. It makes the Kimono style more modern and fashionable.
  • Keeping large luggage 500yen
  • We will keep your luggage for additional change if it is too big.
    You can go sightseeing easily.
partner service
  • Rickshaw 10% off
  • A rickshaw can be arranged to meet your departure time. You can get on a rickshaw right in front of our shop! There are also rickshaw pullers who speak English.
    Furthermore, you can get 10% discount!
    Reservations are not required, so please let the staff know on the day of your visit.
    About EBISUYA's Rickshaw
  • Photoshooting starting at 15,000yen
  • We can reffer professional photographer who can speak English. You can enjoy shooting at Kaminarimon-gate, Sensoji-temple and so on.
    Please consult about requested date as soon as possible.(ONLY RESERVATION)
  • Video shooting starting at 30,000yen
  • The video is also recommended for making memories!
    (ONLY RESERVATION) About Sym Film
Do we have to wear Kimono ourselves?

No, our staff will dress up Kimono on you. This service is included in the rental plan. You don't have to worry if you're unfamiliar with how to wear a Kimono! We want everyone, including those who are new to wearing Kimonos, to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

How long can we rent Kimono?

Return time is until 5:00 pm(If you reserve after 1:00 pm, the return time is extended 30 minutes for free)
If you reserve at 10:00 am, you can enjoy Kimono about 6 hours!

Is the rental plan includes make-up service?

We don't provide make-up service.
Please make up yourself before coming our shop. You can't make-up in the shop.

Is there anything we need to prepare?

The rental plan includes all items for wearing Kimono such as drawstring bags, Japanese socks and sandals, so please just bring yourself.
For wearing Kimono beautifully and comfortably, please wear leggings and undershirt that open neckline under your clothes on the day.

We don't provide make up service, so please make up yourself before coming our store. And If you reserve the plan without hair set, please set before coming store.

How long will it take for dressing Kimono and setting hair style?

It will take about 40 min.-60 min. /person.
Reception and Choosing Kimono : 10 min. - 20 min.
Dressing Kimono : 10 min.
Setting hair style : 15 min.
Preparing for departure and Checking : 5 min.

Can we rent a Kimono on rainy days?

Sure! You can still rent Kimonos or Yukatas even on rainy days. You are welcome to explore the streets of Asakusa, including Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate, while wearing a Kimono or Yukata. You don't need to worry too much if the Kimono or shoes get slightly wet or dirty from splashes of water or mud. Even on rainy days, taking photos with an umbrella adds a unique charm and beauty that differs from sunny days.

Are there Kimonos available in larger sizes?

For men:
There are from M size to 3L size each color. (about 155 cm to 185 cm)

For women:
There are M size, some L size(tall) and few EL size(tall and wide)in Standard Kimono.
Kimono (M size) is made by fitting the standard type of Japanese people.(The avarage of Japanese: HT159cm/B85cm/W60cm/H86cm )
There is 2 designs of XL size in Premium Kimono. If standard EL doesn't match with you, you can wear premium XL Kimono with 1,000 yen discount.

Are there Kimonos available in smaller sizes?

For men: Kimonos are available for individuals who are approximately 155cm or taller.
For women: Kimonos are available for individuals who are approximately 145cm or taller.
Please note that even if you are taller than the specified height, wearing a kimono beautifully may be challenging if you have a slender build.

Can pregnant women wear Kimono?

Kimono rental cannot be provided to pregant women, because the obi and strings of the kimono tightly constrict the abdomen. Also, tying the strings loosely is dangerous because the hem may fall off.
Even if dressing Kimono could affect the health of you or your baby, we cannot accept responsibility.     

Do we need to make a reservation?

Walk-ins customers (without reservation) also welcome!
However we will prioritize customers with reservation and they can get reservation discount.
You can make a reservation on Facebook messenger or Instagram DM in English.     

Is it possible to cancel or change our reservation?

You can cancel or change your reservation by 12:00 noon the day prior to your scheduled date..
Please be aware that we do not accept cancellations on the same day, even in the event of rain.
If you decide to cancel your reservation after deadline, a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.     

Can we use anything other than cash?

You can use following cashless payment.
・Credit card (VISA / JCB / mastercard / AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners Club / Discover / Union Pay )
・IC card (Suica / PASMO / ICOCA etc. )
・QR(ApplePay / PayPay / QUICPay / LINE Pay / WeChat Pay / Alipay )

Should I pay in advance or later?

Please pay at the shop after preparing for departure (dressing Kimono & setting hair style). You don't have to pay in advance, even if you make a reservation.     

  • Kaminarimon
    • “Kaminarimon”that's famous for great paper lantern is the gate of Sensoji Temple. You have surely seen this before. There are always lots of people. You should take photos in front of Kaminarimon!
  • Sensoji Temple
    • Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo, and the number of visitors is one of the top 10 in Japan. You will see the main hall in front of you. A five-storied pagoda is also beautiful.
  • Tokyo Skytree
    • Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in Japan. There are plenty places to take picturess of Skytree in Asakusa. And,it takes about 3 minutes from Asakusa station to Skytree station. You can go up Tokyo Skytree with wearing Kimono.
  • Asakusa yokocho
    • "Asakusa yokocho" is like a food mall, you can always feel the lively atmosphere of Japanese festival "Matsuri" there. It is popular for instagramable among young people. Depending on the time, you maybe able to actually see the dance of local Festivals.
  • Wall with pinwheels
    • "Asakusa Kagetsudo"is a Melon bread speciality shop. The main shop's wall is decorated with colorful pinwheels! The color of pinwheel changes with the seasons. You must take selfie! Also, don't forget to eat delicious big melon bread!
  • Sakura in Sensoji
    • Late March, Sakura(Cherry blossom) bloom in Tokyo. There is many Sakura trees in Asakusa, too. It looks so beautiful. Ueno park and Sumida park is also recommended.
  • We post our customer's Kimono style!